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Focused on the mystery and beauty found in neglected rural and urban architecture I contemplate the presence of absence. My own life experiences are instrumental when exploring my visual world and registering its meaning in as much of a three-dimensional way as I can in a two-dimensional medium. I feel like there are many ideas in the world and if I do not work them out they will be forgotten. Painting, printmaking, and paper collage are the ways in which I get my ideas across and continue to work through them.

Unsuccessful prints, drawings, and paintings are the foundation for creating new art. The transition from old to new is expressed with tearing, cutting, and folding techniques. The process of paper manipulation alone is not enough, and new media is introduced allowing for various textures, edges, and shapes to enter the picture. Spray paint, oil paint, acrylic paint, and etching ink are a few materials used. The layers of multiple media build a visual history, which enhances a believable spacial environment. This enables the artwork to evolve and become its own abstract reality.

My love of art was born in New England, where I grew up in the rural town of Bridport, Vermont. In May 2003, I acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. For the summer of 2001, I attended the Academy of Fine Arts Lorenzo in Viterbo, Italy for a semester abroad studying Etruscan history and Italian landscape painting. With painting and printmaking as a concentration I began to exhibit artwork in Boston, New York, and Vermont. In 2009, I was selected as the Bowery Galleryʼs Invitational artist, and was awarded my first solo New York exhibition. My most recent accomplishments include a solo exhibit at the Gallery at the Piano Factory in Boston, and a review in The Boston Globe. Currently, I design and paint murals for the Boston Fire Department, and maintain a studio in the Boston area.


is a sculptor and an illustrator whose artwork is currently exhibited in public sites and art galleries throughout New England. A Maine Native, Nantz earned a Masters of Fine Art from The University of Pennsylvania. Nantz has traveled and worked extensively throughout the South Pacific, Europe and the US. While backpacking in remote areas of the Pacific Islands, she had the privilege to work and live with many artisans and experience their cultural art forms first hand. This was the origin of Nantz recycling of indigenous material into her sculpture. 

As a touring artist Nantz specializes in developing creative educational programs. A diverse and energetic artist, Nantz encourages creative collaboration among children to help them learn about their world and their relationship in it. Her birch twig moose, colorful paper mache' sculptures, and beautiful paintings can be found in hundreds of public and private collections through out Maine.